Preliminary Interview of motivation and orientation

Over the course of this first interview, we will first and foremost seek to get to know you better.

We will talk to you to discern your interests, your favorite school subjects, your ambitions, your personal and professional expectations, what motivates you and what motivates you to go above and beyond.

This interview will also be the chance to have the first discussion on what you envisage yourself studying,the careers you aspire to and the type of university environment in which you would like to progress (country, campus or urban environment…).

After this interview, we will have collected numerous elements that will then allow us to make recommendations of plans to study abroad.

​Diagnostic session for education

In order to refine the first recommendations for studies abroad, we will, with the help of elements including your school grades, language skills and your extra curricular activities create your first personalized “skills assessment”.

Together we will determine your strengths, the school subjects you are most interested in and what makes you unique and differentiates you from the other candidates.

We will also evaluate your axes of progress in order to establish a precise and objective pedagogical ‘diagnosis’ and recommend you the foreign programs most suited to you.

Putting in place a map and a plan of action

Together we will put in place a plan of action and a map with your short, middle and long term goals.

Together we will determine the target universities, the deadlines to keep to and the strategies to adopt in order to get accepted to your “dream school”.

We will then accompany you at every step of the admissions process.

We will organize regular fixed points in order to ensure you of the advancement of your goals from both an educational and personal perspective.

Coaching and support at every step and over time

We follow you in every aspect of your application : mentoring, advice and sharing resources for entrance examinations (IELTS, SAT, GMAT…), help you in drafting cover letters, translation and adaptation of letters of recommendation from your teacher, preparation for admissions interviews and the application itself.

You will benefit from a follow-up all the way through your admissions process and up until the admission to your “Dream School”.