Your Dream School: Join prestigious universities abroad

Composed of experts in international educational systems, perfectly bilingual and having themselves gone to universities of high renown, the job of the  Your Dream School team is to help and guide students throughout the different stages which make up the application process at prestigious universities situated outside of France.

“Your Dream School was founded with the aim of helping lycéens and French students to get accepted to the foreign university of their dreams.” “The success of our students is our main concern and we put everything into helping them to find their way.”

Adam Girsault, co-founder of Your Dream School

The coaches for the students, closely follow the admission process of their student and are sure to direct them to the destination of the establishment which corresponds perfectly to their profile and to their expectations. They are experienced tutors who prepare their students with care for  standardized tests and admissions interviews, and advise them regularly in the development of their application.

” For a lycéen or a French student, it is difficult to understand the workings of international educational systems. You must be capable of identifying the admissions criteria of the universities, and of compiling a complete application solid enough to have a chance of being accepted to these renowned establishments. All our students benefit from a complete follow-up and individual support throughout the admissions process.”

Lawrence Myers, co-founder of Your Dream School