Post-bac orientation: choose your university course abroad

Studying abroad is a remarkable feat which deserves to be supported but that requires deep reflection and rigorous preparation at all times.

The first issue you will be confronted with is the university course you will join. Reputed establishments are not lacking, but it is essential to restrict your choice to ones that respond the most precisely to your expectations.

Ask yourself these questions: Which subjects do you want to learn more about over the course of your studies? What are your professional ambitions? How many years of study are you prepared to invest to get your degree? Do you clearly know your strengths and weaknesses

Questions that may seem simple at first glance, but require introspection and a certain retreat into the mind.

Lycéens and students can then ask for advice from their relatives and their friends but it is highly recommended make contact with an admissions coach, who will be perfectly up to date with the operating systems of universities abroad: courses offered, duration of the courses, level of language required, scholarships for students, registration schedules…

The admissions coach also plays the role of adviser in international orientation in the sense that they aim to help students to clearly define the most appropriate university path for their profile. Once this first step has been completed, they will compile a list of establishments which correspond to the expectations of their student. This inventory will simultaneously respect the budget provided by the student (taking into account scholarships for international students they are eligible for), as well as the destination country that they want to go to.