Study at the best universities in the Netherlands !

The Netherlands constitute today a first choice destination for all who want to pursue a ‘Liberal Arts’ course on the model of American universities but with far more affordable fees!

There are 10 universities in the Netherlands today which offers ‘Liberal Arts’ courses entirely in English. These programs have the unique quality of being interdisciplinary and entirely at your choice, that is to say that you will have the possibility to construct them yourself (from the term ‘liberal’).

Liberal Arts degrees are not formed with the view to give you one profession in particular. While studying the Liberal Arts, you will develop a large repertoire of knowledge and skills that you can apply to numerous problems with which you will probably be confronted with in your life and career.

The type of establishment which offers this kind of program is called a ‘University Colleges’:

These establishments have a number of points in common and all offer:

  • A residential space (obligatory except for Tilburg)
  • A flexible program and very open with a limited number of students
  • A stimulating and intensive course entirely in English

Studying the ‘liberal arts’ in the Netherlands presents a number of advantages. This would allow you to live in a very solid community where you live and study with your classmates 24/7 and can therefore forge strong friendships