Study for a Master’s abroad : a project with multiple advantanges

After undergraduate studies in France or abroad celebrated with a degree, young graduates are increasingly inclined to pursue their university courses abroad. 

A trend which keeps developing and which goes hand in hand with the opening of international universities.

But what are the real reasons that drive students to go and study abroad ? What advantages does this ambitious project hold ? How can french students manage to push open the doors of the most prestigious universities in the world  ?

Your Dream School lifts the veil on this growing phenomenon.

International orientation : the principal reasons that motivate expatriation of students

1 – A dynamic approach to learning

If French universities put a lot of emphasis on theory, numerous superior Anglo-Saxon establishments put the emphasis on the personal development of the student. It is about sharpening their critical mind, teaching them to construct logical reasoning and to arrange their speech, and to incite their ideas through solid arguments.

Students are often asked to participate in inter-class discussions and invited to support their ideas and opinions. For these top tier universities, the objective is to forge the great minds of tomorrow. The student is at the heart of the learning and their personal development is a priority.

The high level courses, which concentrate an excellent theoretical education together with practical exercises, which perfectly consolidate and complete the university course that you have followed in France.

2- A very profitable investment

Under the effect of globalization, many companies want to engage young graduates who have completed part or all of their studies within a world renowned university.

These new recruits, having opted for an international orientation are veritable advantages for firms who want to turn their trade towards the international. A good education in your studies abroad is concrete proof of the motivation of these applicants, testifying to their sense of initiative and their capacity for adaptation. The students with competitive profile easily make their way into the world of work.

Joining a top tier establishment abroad with the title of Master is therefore a real springboard for your future professional career. Especially since these prestigious establishments award degrees recognized all around the world !

3- Learning of a foreign language 

If you wish to undertake a profession in business, mastering English is a necessity. Nothing but total immersion in an English-speaking university can make you perfectly bilingual. As well as the lessons offered in the language of Shakespeare, the environment in which you will develop will lead you to speak exclusively in English with other students or completely different people you will come to meet over the course of your stay. Your progression in English will be swift.

This is of course valid for universities in Germany, Italy or elsewhere. There is nothing like university life to learn a foreign language.

Pursuing a Master’s abroad will allow you to refine your knowledge of the language and to discern all the nuances. You will therefore also be able to speak in English with the same fluidity as in French.

4- An extraordinary human experience

Undertaking a Master’s abroad marks the start of an incomparable human adventure.

Living among the local population, developing in  university where the melting pot takes pride of place, living in the rhythm of the local habits and customs are standouts of the experiences which will forge your personality and will play an active role in the opening of your mind. It is an excellent opportunity to create a network of international friends !